7 easy steps to start a local group

It’s super easy to start a group. To give you a clear roadmap, we’ve collected all the resources you need, with a seven step video introduction from our Founder and CEO.

And don’t forget, that if you’ve got any questions, we’ve got a detailed FAQ for new leaders (and you can contact our team at any time)


1. The impact of your Dad’s Groups Chapter

By starting a Dad’s Group Chapter you are actually having a MASSIVE positive impact on other Dads who want to connect.
We’re here to help dudes like you who are wanting to hang out with other cool dudes who are dads.


2. Getting started with a Facebook group

You’re already set up with your own Facebook group ‘Dads of …’ suburb.  

If you haven’t, get in touch or private message DGI’s Facebook page.  

Now all you do is just grab a mate, make a date, and don’t forget the baby!

3. Get your first 5 members

The hardest part is getting the first member, and we’ve got you so getting the other four is easy.

Tell your partner, friends and family that you are looking for a few more blokes to go and have coffee with you. You’ve got a bigger network than you think to start talking to: the word will soon spread.  

Here’s a quick email and message template that you can use to help your recruiting:

If you are really struggling, give DGI a call and we’ll help!  

4. Running your first event

Creating your first event is easy!

Choose your favourite local café. Make sure you choose one YOU really like in your neighbourhood – this will ensure the events happen!

Grab a mate that is guaranteed to come with you on the day, together you guys will have a laugh and then everyone will have fun.

Here’s a few quick talking points that you can use when engaging with a cafe:

Now… Make sure people know about it: Create an ‘event’ within your Facebook group and share it.

5. Promoting the group

Work with your mates and partners to promote the group:

Make sure you put your events on a digital notice board, such as Facebook’s local suburbs noticeboards

Below you can find a link to posters you can deliver to Maternal Child Health and they’ll let parents know in your local suburb.

Word of Mouth
Get out there and tell your mates, colleagues, partner and family – they’ll know other guys that have or are having children… and ask them to come along.

6. How DGI will help you to grow your chapter

After your first event, we’ll have a call to see how you went. We’ll see how can use our wider network to help –  partners such as Rotary, Maternal Child Health, local hospitals or local businesses.  

Here’s our template reachout to your local Rotary Club (which we’ll help you with):

DGI are here to help you and your group to continue to grow and be bigger, healthier and sustainable.

7. Where to go for more support

For more information visit the FAQs on our website

Or contact us  info@dadsgroup.org